Young Drug Dealer arrested in central Pattaya


Police in Pattaya continuing their zero tolerance approach to drug abuse and dealers arrested an 18 year old Thai man named Chaiwat Phuakdonkeng in central Pattaya on the 12th of September whereby they found a quantity of crystal amphetamines in his possession.

The man who was known to the police was driving a black Toyota Yaris when they pulled him over and found 2 plastic bags of crystal meth weighing 2.01 grams.

Puakdonkeng confessed that the drugs belonged to him and that he bought them from a dealer known only to him as Mr. Sak, he stated that he would then sell on the drugs to tourists in the city, he is now awaiting his day in court and will be charged with the illegal distribution of narcotics.

The young man is charged at the police station.

Young Drug Dealer arrested in central Pattaya