Yingluck strengthens ties with South Korea


BANGKOK, 17 January 2013  South Korean House Speaker Kang Chang-hee met with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra during his official visit to Thailand to strengthen ties of both countries. 

During the meeting, the Thai Premier congratulated South Korea for having its first female President, Park Geun-hye, who won the presidential election in December 2012.

The South Korean House Speaker expressed his belief that Thailand and South Korea, both with female leaders, will have a bright future ahead, which will bring prosperity to the countries and the region as a whole.

The Thai Premier expressed her gratitude for the cooperation of both countries on many aspects, including trade, investment, education, and cultural exchange. She also praised South Korea for its being a role model thanks to its rich culture and a wide range of technology products.

The Thai Prime Minister also thanked the South Korean private sector for taking part in Thailand’s water management project, affirming that she would make sure the bidding for the water management project would be transparent and the final result should be announced in the near future.