Yingluck hopes to meet Suthep to end political turmoil


SI SA KET, Dec 18 – Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said she is willing to meet with anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban to seek a way out of the political crisis although the

chances of success are very slim.

Ms Yingluck urged the protesters to gather peacefully and comply with the law.

The caretaker premier made the remark ahead of Sunday’s anti-government mass rally. Mr Suthep announced Tuesday night that the protesters would also rally outside her Bangkok residence to pressure her to resign.

She said there are various reform forums being held to help find a way out of the country’s crisis, including the one hosted by the government and that the demonstrators should use that mechanism to solve the problems.

The caretaker premier reiterated that the government is willing to do everything to make the country move forward.

Even there is only one per cent chance of encounter with Mr Suthep, the premier said, she is willing to meet him, and that must be within the Constitutional framework.

As some appointed Senators suggested that the Feb 2 election could be postponed under Article 187 of the Constitution, Ms Yingluck said this is a new issue which should be thoroughly studied and the forum could

help find the best solution to the current political quagmire.

Whether the election could be held as planned or not, Ms Yingluck said the caretaker government is duty-bound to facilitate the process, and that cooperation from the opposition Democrat Party is needed.

Ms Yingluck said it will be known next Monday (December 23) if she would lead her Pheu Thai Party members to apply for candidacy to run in the February 2 election.

The caretaker premier is now in the northeastern province of Si Sa Ket with some Red Shirts and government supporters came out to give her moral support. Some anti-government protesters also turned up to blow

their whistles which led to a minor skirmish with the government supporters.