Yasothon Red Lotus now blooming


YASOTHON – Holiday season means peak tourism season in Thailand. Let’s take a look at a lotus lake in Yasothon where the lotuses are blooming in the water, and welcoming visitors this holiday season.

Ban Samrong Red Lotus Lake is located in Khu Muang subdistrict, Maha Chana Chai district, Yasonthon province. It was first discovered many years ago and has been promoted as a natural tourism attraction in the province ever since.

The lake was previously called by villagers Nong Lerng lake, and served as a fresh water supply. The red lotuses grow naturally in this huge lake which is considered to be a world class attraction.

The lotus flowers are now blooming, inviting visitors to observe this beautiful waterscape in winter. The lake is also the natural habitat of tens of thousands of ducks and birds, feeding in groups on the lake.

Red lotus flowers start blooming here at the beginning of December and remain through to February, from the morning until noon. The lake is located only six kilometers away from Maha Chana Chai district, while visiting Ban Samrong Red is also easy with signs showing directions and places of interest along the route.