Yala Santisuk Center gives suspects of violence a second chance


BANGKOK, 20 May 2013 – 227 insurgent suspects in the deep South have turned themselves in to the Yala Santisuk (Peace) Center since its recent opening.

The number includes 11 suspects of violence who today reported themselves to the Governor of Yala, Mr. Detrat Simsiri. They expressed confidence that they would receive justice under the government’s new approach to southern solutions. As for the suspects who are now under custody or under court’s consideration on security offences, the governor said the province will issue a letter supporting their temporary release.

According to him, the court had earlier allowed a temporary release to one suspect, who was later acquitted from his charges.

The Yala governor said his province has based its solutions to the southern unrest on His Majesty the King’s concept of “Understanding, Mutual Respect and Development”. The province is determined to provide justice for people who were affected by state officers’ operations and allow those who have no intention to commit a crime to turn over a new leaf.