Yala requests cloudseeding operation amid low water reserves


YALA – Bang Lang Dam in Yala province has requested a cloudseeding operation, as water reserves have fallen below expected levels.

The latest report from the Information Center of Hydro Power Plant puts the water behind Bang Lang Dam at 220.59 million cubic meters, or just under 19 percent of capacity.


The chief of staff at Bang Lang Dam Power Plant, which is situated in Bannang Sata district of Yala province, has reached out for assistance from the provincial Royal Irrigation Office, requesting a cloudseeding operation over Bannang Sata and Than To districts. The chief of staff said rainwater in the two districts would flow directly to the dam. The request is currently under review.

Rain showers have previously occurred in Krong Pinang, Yaha, Kabang, Raman and the capital districts, away from the reservoir.

The power plant in Bang Lang Dam is located on the eastern side of Pattani River. It has three 24-megawatt generators with a combined capacity of 72 megawatts. The plant can generate 200 million units of electricity per year.