Yala declares 2 villages elephant-hit areas


YALA – Administrative and forestry officials in Yala Province have called an emergency meeting to discuss ways to cope with the invasion of wild elephants into villagers’ plantations. 

The meeting has been held immediately after a man was reportedly hospitalized after an encounter with a group of wild elephants earlier this week. According to Thanto Hospital, his condition has improved. Psychological experts have been dispatched to the affected villages to comfort the residents. Assessment of the damage is underway.

Following the talk, officials have called on locals not to hurt wild elephants. Related agencies are carrying out joint patrols to guard the villages and drive away the jumbos. Ban Santi Village and Ban Khok Chang Village in Thanto District have been declared wild-elephant-hit zones.

The pachyderms, spotted about one kilometer away from residential areas, have reportedly been foraging in villagers’ fruit orchards, causing extensive damage to their property and crops