Woman wounded in gun attack at PDRC rally in Trat dies


BANGKOK, Feb 28 – A Chanthaburi woman eating noodles with her husband, wounded by shooting at a rally in the eastern province of Trat, was pronounced dead at hospital early today, becoming the 23rd victim in a series of protest-related attacks since November, the permanent secretary for public health said.

Her husband, slightly wounded, told the authorities that he and his wife were selling clothing in the market, and were not protesters. The victim succumbed to injuries of the abdomen and blood infection.

Dr Narong Sahametapa said 765 people were injured — 722 of them in Bangkok and 43 in the provinces — and 40 others have yet to be discharged from hospitals.

He said parademics are on 24-hour duty and closely monitor the political rallies.

Dr Narong Apikulwanit, director of the Forward Medical Operations Centre under the Public Health Ministry, said a police officer who was injured in the Feb 18 clashes at Phan Fah Bridge on Ratchdamnoen Avenue was readmitted to the Priests Hospital for medical treatment in the last 24 hours.