Woman harassed by Community officer


In the early hours of July the 28th outside of Marine disco 22 year old Thitima Mitsamrong who works at a bar on walking street gave a statement to the police, she told them that a man who claimed to be a community officer from the traffic department was drunk and had offended her with his actions.

The woman said she was standing talking to her friend at the parking lot of the Marine Disco, when he stopped his motorbike and approached her.

The ‘Officer’ hangs his head in shameThe ‘Officer’ hangs his head in shame

He tried to flirt with her and even tried to hug her, Thitima was not at all impressed with his behavior and decided to call for the real police.

At the station the man was identified as 34 year old Kampan Wiangnon from Khon Kaen province, he confessed to being drunk and that he had harassed the woman, luckily for him Thitima didn’t press charges but warned that he should not conduct himself in such a manner.

The police recorded the incident and said they would make a report to Kampan’s superior so that they can decide what action if any – to take.

Woman harassed by Community officer