Windstorm batters 3 rai of rubber trees in Trang


TRANG, 29 September 2012  – A strong windstorm swept in, toppled and snapped rubber trees spreading over a little more than three rai of land. The devastated lands belong to Mrs. Sukol Dumthip, aged 60, and Mrs. Ladda Chariya, aged 40, both residents of the Yaan Ta Khao district, Trang province. No people were injured by the windstorm. 

Eyewitnesses to the weather phenomenon reported that there were strong winds that lasted only a few minutes, sweeping in and devastating over three rai of rubber plantations, followed by a severe rainfall. Initially, officials from the Tambon Administrative Organization have inspected the extent of the damage and will submit their report to district and provincial authorities respectively to ask for a rehabilitation budget.

Mr. Amnuay Chantarat of the Trang Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office has made known that warnings have been issued via various networks to areas that are at risk of landslides and flash forest floods, covering four districts and 120 villages.