Water situation in Thailand turns into crisis


BANGKOK – Thailand’s water situation has turned into crisis this year, commented a noted academic.

During an interview in NBT World’s Thailand Today program, Nipon Puapongsakorn of the Thailand Development Research Institute said this year’s water situation in Thailand has become critical with water levels at major dams ebbing to the lowest since the last 50 years. The level is feared to go further down during dry season beginning on the first of November. 

There will not be enough water for second-crop farming this year while there will be an estimated four billion cubic meters of water in reserve for next year, the academic said.

He added that the government has tried to alter a water management strategy in the face of this year’s critical droughts, especially in the Chao Praya River basin.

Water might be allocated among users in the drought-stricken provinces including riverside areas while the authorities will see to it that water consumption will remain manageable in accordance with the government’s strategy.


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