Water level continues to rise in Mekong River


Bangkok, July 30 2012  – Water level has been rising continuously in the Mekong River, Chiang Rai province. More than 1,000 rais of corn fields have been damaged. While Chiang Saen district has warned local people in the area to be on the lookout. 

Due to China’s releasing of dam water into the Mekong River, the water level in the river has been gradually rising since yesterday. While in the Chiang Saen area, the water has already overflowed the banks and covered over 1,000 rais of corn fields. In some areas, the water level is reported to be as high as 2 meters.

The water level in the Mekong River is reported to be 7.89 meters by Hydrology and Water Management Center of Chiang Saen District, which is considered high at the moment, but still below the crisis level. Additionally, the officials have warned the people in that area to be on a lookout for the rising level.

Meanwhile, power boats in the Mekong River have become immobilized due to the danger that might occur. However, the border crossing service is still operational with extreme caution.