Voters urged to visit Thailand Political Database


BANGKOK, 2 July 2011 – Voters, especially those who remain undecided which party they will vote for this 3 July general election are encouraged to visit the Thailand Political Database (TPD) website at as it contains information about past performances of politicians.

The popular website features information about Thai politicians, especially MPs in the recently dissolved House and their performance in details from the laws they voted for or against to their attendance during past parliamentary sessions.

In addition, the TPD Tour section, which can be regarded as a highlight of this website, provides details about corruption records of politicians, plus their involvement in all civil and criminal cases. These indeed will be useful for voters to make their decision on 3 July general election.

According to the TPD, there are 134 politicians from 62 famous and influential families in Thailand running in this election, including 19 families for Pheu Thai, 17 families for Democrat, 13 for Chart Thai Pattana, 6 for Chart Pattana Puea Pandin and 7 for Bhumjaithai.

The TPD also provides reports on each individual MP detailing performance from 2008 to 2010. All the aforementioned information can be downloaded from the website free of charge.

Prof Dr Charas Suwanmala, one of the website founders, stated that the civil sector must gather such information to provide alternatives for people as civil organisations have a role to give political guidance to people and not to let people blinded by the politics. He admitted that political rivalry during the current election is fierce, and people must consider thoroughly in order to elect good people into the House.