Volunteers harrasing members of the public


A 30 year old woman made a report to the police that she had been harrassed by two Thai men, one of which was a Civil Defense Volunteer and the other a Thapraya Volunteer on beach road a little after midnight on the 2nd of November.

The woman stated that she was approached by the two men who had obviously been drinking when one of them grabbed her breast before fleeing on their motorbike.

The officers were able to track down the two men at the bottom of soi 6 and they were identified as 43 year old Bancha Pimyoying and 31 year old  Pichet Rumruay.

Bancha admitted to touching the woman and in his defense he stated that he had recently fallen from a building and that he wasn’t really in control of his senses.

The woman decided not to press charges against the men but said that perhaps they should be relieved of their positions as volunteers who are there to help the public, not harass them.

The police have said that they will take all necessary steps which in this case probably means that the two men were set free and will still wander the streets at night in their uniforms harassing young women.