Voice TV allowed on air by Administrative Court


Bangkok – Voice TV channel which was ordered off the air earlier last week was back on air on Friday due to a court ruling.

The Administrative Court ruled that Voice TV could continue broadcasting after the National Broadcasting and Communication Commission ordered the channel off the air on Monday.

The court said ordering Voice TV off the air would result in losses for the channel and loss of trust from its viewers.

The court ruled that the Thai constitution included the protection of press freedom and that broadcasters could only be ordered off the air if their content broke Article 37 of the Broadcasting and Television Businesses Act of B.E. 2551.

The act states that broadcasters can be suspended only if their content supports the destruction of democracy with the King as its head of state or affects national security and public order and morals.

The National Broadcasting Communication Commission can file an appeal to the Supreme Court within 30 days, if displeased with the Administrative Court’s decision.