Vagabonds extort money from passersby at train stations in Ayutthaya Province


AYUTTHAYA, 11 June 2014 – Ayutthaya Provincial Governor Witthaya Piewpong has ordered 30 police officers and soldiers to inspect areas around the Ayutthaya, the Bang Pa-In, and Baan Pa Chi train stations.

Locals have complained that several homeless people were found sleeping under these train stations and littering around the area. Some of them have also intimidated train passengers, school students, as well as tourists by impolitely asking money from them.

Police investigations reveal that there are three categories of homeless people residing in these train stations. The first category are those who wander from place to place without a home. Hence, the governor has asked the Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office to pick up these people and let them stay in emergency shelters.

The second category are the ones who have a permanent residence, but have chosen to leave their loved ones. Relatives are encouraged to take them home.

Lastly, the third category are vagabonds who are drunk and display aggressive behavior by impolitely asking money from people. Should anybody encounter them, they are advised to report to the police immediately so that arrests could be made.