Uzbekistani pimp arrested in Jomtien



We often hear about human trafficking but are unaware that it can be happening right under our noses.


Police and personnel from the Paveena Hongsakul women and children’s welfare foundation arrested Uzbekistani pimp at a room in the Jomtien area.

The female pimp is forty six year old Yakubova Feruza and in her room was another 8 Uzbek women who were being forced to have sex with tourists in the area.

The arrest came about after another Uzbekistani woman escaped from clutches of Yakubova and reported the situation to the foundation.

The female Uzbekistani pimp is arrested by the authorities.The female Uzbekistani pimp (left) is arrested by the authorities.

The victim told the police that she had been lured into the sex trade by another Uzbekistani female named Zoyirova Zumrath who promised her a job at restaurant in Pattaya city.

But when she arrived in the kingdom, she was locked up in the room and forced to work as a prostitute where she had to service 6 to 7 customers a day.

If she refused to do the job Yakubova would get 4 or 5 Thai men to beat her.

This is a major step forward in dealing with human trafficking however police are still on the lookout for the Thai men who assist in these crimes and the evil Zoyirova Zumrath who lures unsuspecting women to Thailand and forces them into this terrible life.