US Embassy questions security boost for its embassy, but draws strong criticism


The US Embassy in Bangkok has posted on its Facebook page questioning the security boost by Thai authorities for its embassy despite that there was no such threat.

The post reads ,”We note media reports that Thai authorities have taken additional security measures to protect the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. We are not aware of any threats to the Embassy and have asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clarify what threats the Royal Thai Government perceives to Americans or American interests in Thailand.”

The post by the embassy on Facebook drew strong criticism from many viewers with some telling the embassy to check the news source from Thai authorities first for accuracy before posting.

One viewer commented “Is this your way of being diplomatic? Is this the way you ask your friend? If it were me, I won’t do that to a friend. When I want to know something about my friend acting toward me (in this case ‘protecting’ me), I will ask him/her directly (usually call him/her). I will definitely not posting the question on my Facebook page. Frankly, I don’t think doing that will get the answer anyway. And I won’t do that to a ‘friend’ either, it is not nice.”

Another viewer also asked the embassy about its written “media reports” in posting on Facebook, saying how accountability was the “media reports” it cited in questioning the provided security for its embassy.