UNESCO confers Global Geopark status on Satun


Satun – The UNESCO Global Geoparks Council announced on April 17 its decision to classify Satun Geopark, which takes up a large area of Satun province in Southern Thailand, as a Global Geopark. As a result, the site has become Thailand’s first Global Geopark.

Director-General of the Department of Mineral Resources, Tawsaporn Nuchanong, welcomed the recognition by UNESCO, believing the new status will help draw more tourists as well as researchers, both Thai and foreign, to Satun province and spur the local economy. He pointed out that new business opportunities will likely emerge from the increased tourism and educational activities in the area, paving the way for sustainable community development.

The Director-General expected UNESCO representatives to pay a visit to Thailand to present the official Global Geopark badge to the Thai government in early May 2018.

Satun Geopark, which covers an area of almost 2,600 square kilometers in four districts of Satun, contains a 500 million year old underwater world. It is described on the UNESCO website as a peaceful place with renowned natural beauty, where several cultures and religious groups live together in harmony.