Udon Thani to hold mass wedding at Red Lotus Sea


UDON THANI, 5 Jan 2015 – Udon Thani is inviting the public to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a mass wedding ceremony at the province’s romantic Red Lotus Sea.

The mass wedding is cooperative efforts by the Udon Thani Chamber of Commerce, Udon Thani provincial Tourism Authority of Thailand office, Udon Thani Tourism and Sports organization, Udon Thani provincial administrative organization, and Nok Air. Presiding over the ceremony will be Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanawarangkul.

According to Udon Thani provincial governor Noppawat Singsakda, the objective of the event is to make the province’s charming Red Lotus Sea a new must-visit destination for the general public especially lovers.

So far, 17 couples have expressed their intention to participate in the mass wedding ceremony. The event will be held between February 14 and 15.

Located in Kum Pavapi district, the Red Lotus Sea is home to thousands of pink and red lotus flowers and a variety of aquatic plants and animals. The best period to enjoy the lotus flowers in full bloom is from November to February.