Two more bag snatchers rounded up by Police



At about 4 o’clock on the morning of May the 29th a 33 year old Thai woman was returning home after her shift in a bar when two Thai men on a motorbike snatched her shoulder bag which contained a mobile phone, some documents, and 880 baht in cash.


This happened just 50 meters away from a police check point near Soi Batman in south Pattaya.

The woman told the police what had happened and they radioed their colleagues with a description of the two Thai men.

The men were caught and had the woman belongings with them.

One of the men stated he needed the money to send back to his village for his son’s education.

There is no doubt that these kind of crimes are on the rise, however are the ones that are being caught being dealt with severely enough, Pattaya will have to work hard to eradicate this type of crime that is so damaging to our vital tourist trade.