Two die in shooting at Karaoke bar


On August the 2nd police were once again called to a shooting at a karaoke bar on 3rd road, this time it was the New Hosto Pub and Karaoke where two young Thai men had been shot dead.

A 16 year old friend of the two dead men gave a statement to the police saying on the night he and his friends visited the karaoke bar for a night out and were on the way out to their motorbikes when 5 Thai men on motorbikes started shooting at them.

It looks like a scene from a movie, but this is the reality of Pattaya.

The bullets hit his two friends; he ran for his life inside the pub and luckily survived.

The boy couldn’t say what had motivated the attack and only stated that they were just visiting the pub and didn’t have any argument with anybody.

Police surmised that the shooting may have been over women and this for some reason seems to be a reasonable motive for gunning someone down in public.

Young Thai men on motorbikes should be well avoided at least until the police in this city start to make their presence felt after dark and get some control over these gangs who have no regards for the law whatsoever.

Two die in shooting at Karaoke bar