Twenty-nine arrested as police sweep up suspects in Chiang Mai


As part of the lead up to Songkran police in three districts in Chiang Mai swept up suspects wanted for drugs and illegal possession of weapons on outstanding warrants on March 23, 2016.

Region 5 Police working with local police in Hot, Doi Tao and Chomthong worked with military police to blockade roads and arrest suspects wanted on outstanding warrants seeing twenty-nine arrests in the three districts.

Police with twenty-nine people arrested in Hot, Doi Tao and Chomthong on drugs and weapons charges at the Region 5 Police Headquarters.

Most of the arrests were on drug charges including possession of methamphetamine and opium but several of the arrests were on charges of possession of illegal weapons.

Police said the sweep cleared up several outstanding cases and saw the arrest of members of several drug trafficking gangs.