Chiang Mai International Airport tightens security after Brussels bombing


Officials ask public to report anything suspicious at the airport

The Chiang Mai International Airport has stepped up security after the bombing at the Brussels Airport and Metro station on March 22, 2016 that left 31 dead and over 300 people injured.

Sqn. Ldr. Monthanick Rukngam, Deputy Director of Chiang Mai Airport, said that the airport has three levels of security operations and has further tightened security by implementing increased patrols for both the terminal and the grounds, check points for vehicles entering the airport and random checks of baggage and passengers. Additionally, the no parking zone in front of the terminal will be strictly enforced.

Police and military check incoming vehicles at the checkpoint at the entrance to the terminal in heightened security measures after the Brussels bombings that left 31 dead.

Airport security will be working closely with the 33rd Military Circle, Wing 41, Chiang Mai Police and the National Intelligence Agency regarding security.

He said that the Chiang Mai Airport would like to apologize for any inconvenience and asked for cooperation from people using the airport to strictly comply with the security regulations. He also asked that anyone seeing anything out of the normal or suspicious to report to a security guard in the area immediately or contact the Airport Security Center at 0 5392 2111.

Police and military routinely patrol the terminal and grounds and have asked members of the public to report any suspicious behavior.