Treasury Department launches low-income housing project


The Treasury Department has launched its own Civil-State Housing Project in an effort to assist low-income earners in acquiring their own homes.


The project was unveiled as part of the “Treasury Department Honors Her Majesty the Queen upon her 84th Birthday Anniversary” event being held at Queen Sirikit Convention Center in Bangkok on Friday.

Interested citizens were seen lining up before the opening of the fair to secure their chance to book one of the 1,400 units made available for purchase within 4 projects by the Treasury Department.

The units are available to state agents who earn no more than 20,000 baht a month and only cost 4,000 baht a month to rent, with occupants able to stay for up to 5 years. The projects are set up in Bangkok and Petchaburi province, where occupancy is allowed for up to 30 years.

Registrations are to be open until August 21 and require only an identification card. Registry can also be done online at