Trat holds a workshop on mushroom growing during rainy season


TRAT, 24 July 2015 – The Agriculture and Cooperatives Office in Trat Province is holding a workshop educating farmers about growing various types of mushrooms. The move is expected to generate a decent amount of supplementary income during the rainy season.

The workshop is being held at the OTOP Center in Nam Chiew Sub-district, Laem Ngob District. A large number of local agriculturalists are participating in the workshop. Thailand has a total of 647 strains of edible mushrooms. As the plants are rich in protein and iron, some mushrooms are also used as medicine or extracted as color dye.

Mushrooms are also natural digestive agents, helping other crops to grow. They act as indicators of environment quality. Famous mushrooms being featured at the course are hard mushroom, white mushroom and black mushroom. At the workshop, officials demonstrated how mushrooms are grown on a log which is fit for household consumption. Growers can use multiple logs to mass produce mushrooms for commercial purpose.