Transport Ministry to promote rail transport to 30% of national logistics


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Transport is working to increase the utilization of the railway network, to transport more passengers, ordering the Department of Rail Transport to improve services and make transportation by rail 30 percent of national logistics.

The Minister of Transport Saksayam Chidchob has delivered policies requiring the Department of Rail Transport to adopt operational practices from countries known for excellent rail network development, in Thailand, with the goal being to increase rail transport volume to 30 percent of the national logistics, helping reduce logistics costs and better serve passengers.

The Transport Minister has ordered the rail department to renovate level crossings and set up fences along railways to prevent accidents, as well as communicate with the general public on the necessity of infrastructure development projects, some of which may affect the livelihoods of certain communities.

He then urged the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning, to ensure that development projects are not only concentrated in urban areas; to ensure the effects of construction projects on villagers are carefully considered, and to work together with related agencies to help affected persons. The office is in charge of national logistic development planning for land, water, air and rail transport.

The Minister of Transport has ordered related agencies to follow up on other policy tasks, including the vehicle speed limit increase from 90 kilometers per hour to 120 on all roads with four or more lanes, and the implementation of technology for traffic and construction management.