Transport Ministry moves to facilitate commuters during rainy season


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Transport has ordered all units to provide convenience for commuters this rainy season and prevent flooding from obstructing traffic.


Citing the rainy season as the period with the highest tendency of road accidents and traffic congestion, Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith has assigned responsible units, namely the Department of Land Transport, the Department of Highways and the Department of Rural Roads, to give a helping hand to people in their daily commute and ensure their safety and convenience.

Officials are to regularly inspect the road drainage system and remove blockages while dredging waterways to help speed up the release of floodwater. They will also be looking out for flooding on roads in vulnerable areas and will be ready around the clock to deploy pumping machines and other flood relief equipment where necessary.

Due to slippery road surface during the rain, warning signs will be erected in accident-prone spots. Authorities have also been entrusted with promptly responding to road accidents as well as repairing flood-damaged roads while motorists are encouraged to exercise caution and check the condition of their vehicle before each journey.