Transport Ministry inspects Chachoengsao port


CHACHOENGSAO – The Ministry of Transport has paid an inspection visit to a sea port in Chachoengsao province.

Deputy Minister of Transport Pichit Akrathit, along with departmental officials, traveled to Bang Pakong district to inspect Bang Pakong Port and its cargo management facilities. Pichit and his team were greeted by Chachoengsao Governor Anukul Tangkananukulchai.

During his visit, the deputy minister attended a meeting where he was informed of the obstacles and challenges in transporting cargo. He also met with local operators and inspected cargo routes from Tha Kham sub-district to Bang Pakong District Office.

Pichit said there are certain areas in the Bang Pakong River that may be too shallow for large vessels to pass through and instructed the Marine Department to undertake an excavation to increase the depth in those areas. He also asked the department to remove abandoned fish farming floating cages from the river.