Prime Minister orders strict regulation on alcohol ban near schools


BANGKOK – The Prime Minister has ordered a strict regulation on the ban of alcohol sale near education institutes, encouraging the public to inform officials if they find any violation.

The Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has received the latest report regarding the suppression of illegal street racing and the sales of alcoholic beverages near education institutes, stating that actions have been taken against people who have violated the ban, including parents of persons involved in the illegal street race circuit.

However, the government has received continuous complains regarding the violation to the alcohol sale ban near education institutes, which led to a recent raid at a club near Kasetsat University Kampaengsan Campus, where alcoholic drinks were illegally sold with special promotions to attract new drinkers.

Most people in the club during the raid were identified as students, while some failed to carry identification cards with them, and some are under the influence of narcotics. The owner of the club was charged with illegal operation of entertainment venue, along with illegal alcohol sales and advertisement. The club will be closed for at least 30 days.

The Prime Minister has urged all related agencies to prevent any violations to this ban and to press legal actions towards the violators. The general public are also encouraged to play an active role by informing officials on any clues of violation by calling 0 2141 3623, or by directly inform any policeman, soldiers, or government official in any area.