Transport Min: Switching lanes and disrespecting traffic rules cause traffic jam


BANGKOK, 6 February 2013  The Transport Ministry has found that main factors contributing to traffic congestion in many areas are commuters’ failure to follow traffic rules and public vehicle operators changing lanes on busy roads. 

Transport Minister Chatchart Sitthiphan recently carried out an inspection of traffic in the Rama IV area in a bid to tackle the worsening traffic congestion in Bangkok. He revealed that drivers, especially those operating public vehicles, weaving in and out of lanes not only obstruct other motorists on the road but also lead to critical stop-start traffic jam. Violators of traffic rules were also found to have contributed greatly to the congestion problem.

In addition to deploying more traffic police on the scene, the minister will carry out additional inspections on Ratchadamri and Ratchaprarop Roads as well as Din Daeng Intersection.

New installations of closed-circuit cameras and more appropriate timing of traffic lights will be part of new measures implemented by the Ministry. Traffic police are also urged to tighten the rules and crack down on rule violators.