Trang installs artificial coral to revive marine ecology


TRANG, Jan 13 – Artificial corals were placed to be shelter and a breeding ground to revive marine resources for Thailand’s seas in the South.

Prachuap Mokarat, the director of the marine and coastal resource conservation 6 in Trang, fishery officials, marine academic and local fishermen coordinated on Sunday to drop 1,186 frames of artificial corals on the sea floor at a depth of 20 metres off Libong and Kradan islands.

A budget of about seven million baht was allocated on the project.

Buoys have been placed as markers to prohibit large fishing boats from entering the area and fishing with illegal gear such as trawl and push nets in order to reduce conflicts with local fishermen and comprehensively restore the ecosystem and coastal resources.

Artificial corals were established at twelve spots and an assessment will be followed up after one year. Artificial corals shaped as sea animals will be made to attract divers in the future.


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