Army Chief asks soldiers not to protest at ASTV-Manager


BANGKOK, Jan 12 — Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha asked soldiers to refrain from protesting at ASTV-Manager office, saying that using emotions would not help in solving any problems, and called for soldiers to exercise forgiveness.

Thai army spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said that Gen Prayuth has acknowledged the report that some 30 soldiers have protested at the ASTV-Manager office on Phra Arthit Road again this morning to demand the media apologise for its criticism of Gen Prayuth.

Col Sansern said that the army chief understood that the soldiers intended to protect honour and prestige. He thanked them for their good will and not violating other people’s rights but he has asked them to stop the move as it could cause negative image for the army.

The army spokesman said the soldiers’ move was of their own volition.

At the protest this morning, the 30 soldiers said that they were not satisfied with the ASTV Manager daily that used abusive words in news regarding the army chief and demanded an apology.

This was second incident of protest after some 50 soldiers went to the media office on Friday to vent their anger over an article that attacked Gen Prayuth for failing to protect national interests in the border land dispute with Cambodia.