Traditional costume trend forges unity between different generations


Bangkok – The Ministry of Tourism and Sports believes the government’s campaign to encourage people to wear traditional costumes will foster strong relations and unity among different generations.

Tourism Minister Wirasak Kowsoorad said the trend among Thais to wear traditional attire on special occasions has been fueled by the recent Winter’s End Festival in Bangkok, graciously organized by HM King Rama X, and the popular TV period drama “Love Destiny.” The minister expects the trend to continue throughout the Songkran Festival to be celebrated across Thailand this week.

Not only does it teach Thai people about their history and culture, wearing traditional costumes also brings different generations together, encouraging youngsters to approach their elders and ask about Thai history.

In addition, he said the trend has significantly boosted the tourism industry and built a positive image of Thailand. Since the launch of the popular period drama on television, Thais and foreigners have been visiting historic places such as the ancient city of Ayutthaya, in much bigger numbers.