Toyota to shed 800-900 jobs among temporary staff


Economic downturn resulting in domestic and export drop in car sales has hit hard on Toyota Motors (Thailand) Corporation, forcing the management to start laying off its temporary staff through voluntary resignation programme.

Informed industry source said that between 800-900 jobs for the wage earners who represent about 40 percent of Toyota’s work force will be shed under the “Farewell with Hearts” programme.


The programme opened on Monday and will last about a week for the temporary employees who are paid wages on monthly basis not with monthly salaries to volunteer to leave the company.

In return, the company will pay them severance pay, compensation in accordance with the years of employment and a special bonus with a sweet-deal condition that they will be the first group to be rehired once the economy picks up and the company is back in good shape.

The employees who are offered the voluntary resignation programme are mostly those working at Samrong, Gateway and Bangchan assembly plants.

Despite their temporary status, several of them have served in the company for more than ten years, said the source.

Those who signed up to join the programme will effectively leave the company as the management is afraid that some of them may not be happy with the programme and may protest.