Tourists visiting Pha Ngan warned of box jellyfish


Surat Thani – Authorities in the southern coastal province of Surat Thani have warned tourists and public members visiting Pha Ngan island of the poisonous box jellyfish during this time.

The Deputy Director of Koh Phangan Hospital, Dr. Pahon Pirapinyo, the Chief Advisor of Haad Rin Business Association, Tawit Somwang, and a team of officials inspected Ao Chaloklum and Rin beaches in Ko Pha Ngan district on Monday (Sept 17), after the Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center found 25 box jellyfish at Chaloklum Bay on September 10th and 11th, 2018.

The authorities have put up signs along the beaches, warning of the box jellyfish, and prepared first aid in case people are stung by them.

Containers of vinegar have been placed along the beaches to treat jellyfish stings. Only vinegar can be used; fresh water must not be applied because it will cause the poison to spread. Lifeguards and municipal officials have also been positioned along the coast to warn tourists.