Tourists evacuated from flood hit resorts in Pai district


Tourists evacuated from flood hit resorts in Pai district

Many foreign tourists and local villagers in Pai district of Mae Hong Son province were evacuated to higher ground by rescue workers after the Pai river overflowed its banks and swept through several river-side resorts and houses.

Monsoon rains sent brownish runoffs rushing from the mountains downstream into various creeks which eventually flow into the Pai river which burst its banks.

All the evacuated tourists were moved to the auditorium of the Pai district for temporary refuge.

Meanwhile in Pang Mapa district, flash flood from the Lang river partially submerged a bridge connected with a road leading to Tambon Tham Lod, a tourist attraction of the province, making it impassable for all vehicles.

The Lang river merges with the Pai river in Pai district which flows through the Muang district.

Local villagers who live near rivers and creeks have been warned to move their valuables to higher ground and to evacuate to safer places in light of flash floods.