Time for men with erectile dysfunction to smile


BANGKOK, Sept 6 – Thai men with erectile dysfunction have good news to brighten their day. 

Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) will launch its own brand of Viagra-equivalent pills under the trade name Silagra in the domestic market Oct 15 after being registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

GPO managing director Witit Artavatkun said the drug will be cheaper than the widely-known and imported Viagra and its availability will counter the spread of counterfeit products in the market.

Silagra will be on sale in two sizes — 50mg and 100mg.

A 50mg Silagra pill will be retailed at Bt25 while imported drugs are sold at Bt200 each, Dr Witit said.

He said the GPO has improved its drug manufacturing plant in Rangsit to meet the standards of other ASEAN countries with a capacity of 5 billion tablets per year.

“We plan to produce more drugs for treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure and AIDS in order to expand our market to Myanmar, Laos,  Cambodia , Vietnam and Malaysia,” he said.