Three countries join forces to limit rubber exports to 240,000 tons


Bangkok – To solve the problem of low rubber prices, the three major rubber exporting countries are ready to continue measures to limit their overseas exports.

The Board of Directors of the International Rubber Joint Venture Co., Ltd., which consists of representatives of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, convened a joint meeting in Bangkok to discuss many issues including the sixth initiative on export volume restrictions.

The three member states have agreed to enforce export controls under the rules and regulations of each country for four months starting from April 1, 2019. The three countries will jointly limit the level of rubber exports to 240,000 tons in total.

The meeting also considered an analysis of the rubber statistics of the three member countries of the International Tripartite Rubber Council: ITRC, which found that rubber production data that has been collated from many sources in the past is not consistent.

Data indicates that Thailand produced 4.879 million tons of rubber in 2018, while Indonesia produced 3.63 million tons of rubber and Malaysia 603,000 tons.