Thief uploads large haul from Internet shop


An Internet shop that also sells some alcohol and groceries in Baan Map Tato Nongprue was broken into in the early hours of August the 2nd.

The owner 28 year old Kiewnapa Pansarapum told police that at about 2 in the morning she heard dog barking so she checked the shop but didn’t find anything wrong.

These are some of the items the thief didn’t steal.

However she was shocked when she came down the next morning to find 14 computer monitors, 1 notebook, 1 Play Station game box, some cigarettes, bottles of whiskey and some cash gone, she estimated that the total value was around 300,000 baht.

The CCTV tape showed a Thai man aged about 30-35 stealing the goods, but the police aren’t too confident about an arrest as he was wearing a cap which obscured his face from being seen.

Thief uploads large haul from Internet shop