Their Majesties offer condolences to Korat shooting victims


Their Majesties the King and Queen expressed their sorrow over the tragic loss of life in the unfortunate events in Korat on Makha Bucha Day and offered encouragement to the families of those killed and injured.

“The Queen and I are very sad that the violent incident happened in our country in Nakhon Ratchasima … causing the injuries and death of many innocent people,” the royal couple said in a message released by the Royal Household Bureau.

“The loss caused the Queen and I to feel depressed because it was a situation that no one imagined and it is a violent and cruel action towards Thai people.

“The Queen and I would like to express condolences to those who lost beloved family members and encourage people to be patient, strong and helpful toward each other in trying times.

“Moreover, I would like to praise everyone responding to the situation, including police officers, military officers, provincial commissioners, administration officers, doctors, nurses, volunteers, foundations, government and private organizations, especially police and military officers who acted with self-sacrifice and dedication, bravery and purposefulness. Besides, they showed skills in performing their duty and seriously prioritized lives and the safety of people in danger.

“Cooperation and unity and civilians’ support for the government and officers, as well as help providing for injured people demonstrated love and care towards fellow countrymen. The power of unity is a high virtue.

“The Queen and I believe that all Thais will definitely get through this cruel situation by having the presence of mind, intelligence, unity and sacrifice for peace and orderliness of the public and the country.”


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