Thais warned of possible aftershocks in Japan’s earthquake area

Thai nationals living in the area of the Japanese earthquake are warned to be on alert for possible aftershocks.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has disclosed information concerning a recent magnitude 6.4 earthquake that occurred on Saturday (22 Jan) in Miyazaki and Oita prefectures on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan.

Tremors could reportedly be felt in areas around Kyushu Island and the Chugoku region, though no tsunami warning was issued.

The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka has warned Thai citizens in these areas to prepare for possible aftershocks. There have been no reports of Thai citizens being injured as a result of the quake.

For emergency situations, Thai citizens can contact Royal Thai Consulate-General in Tokyo using the hotline number 090-4435-7812, the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Fukuoka at 090-2585-3027 and 090-9572-1515, and the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Osaka at 090-1895-0987. (NNT)