Thais overseas back Feb 2 election


BANGKOK, 6 Jan 2014 According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, more than 100,000 Thai nationals living overseas are backing the forthcoming general election on February 2. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul reported that 92 Thai embassies and consulates in 67 countries around the world had already registered up to 143,800 eligible voters who wished to exercise their rights in the upcoming election. Currently, there are a bit over 1 million Thai people residing in foreign countries.

According to the minister, the number showed that Thai nationals around the world wanted to see the election happen, reflecting the fact that an election is the best possible way to resolve the current political conflict. He added that an electoral process provides a solution acceptable to the international community.

He also noted that joining the planned Bangkok shutdown by anti-government protesters on January 13 is not a common practice in a democratic country as such a move is in violation of the law, and most importantly, it will sabotage the nation as a whole.