Thais in France & Belgium told to heed security measures


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cautioned Thai people living in or planning to go to France or Belgium to stay updated on emergency announcements and to strictly follow security measures there. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the warning in response to reports that the French government has decided to extend the state of emergency for another three months or until 13th February, 2016.

Spokesperson Sek Wannamethee said Thai people should also remain vigilant at all times while in public places. Those needing help can contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Paris via email [email protected] or call ( 33)6 0359 9705 , ( 33)6 4671 9694.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Belgium has also asked all Thais in Belgium to be more observant while in crowded areas or places frequently mentioned by the media. Belgium has now raised its terror alert to the highest level.

Thai people in Belgium who want to report on emergencies can contact the Royal Thai Embassy via [email protected] or call (32) 4 70 85 96 67.