Thailand’s Lower House to hear students’ opinions in amending 2017 constitution


BANGKOK – Student flash mobs, which emerged across the country following the Constitutional Court’s decision in February to dissolve the Future Forward Party, have gained popularity among young people in Thailand. A Lower House committee has invited student representatives to share their views on the issues they have with the current constitution.

The session is scheduled for March 13th at the Parliament building, organized by the House of Representative committee ways to revise the 2017 constitution. Initially, the committee plans to invite 100 representatives of student groups, from colleges and universities around the country, to share their opinions. The committee is also set to expand the operation, sending a mobile unit to provinces to hear opinions directly from students in each area.

As for other groups, the committee’s visit to every region of Thailand is now underway to collect opinions on the same matter. The group discussions include social activists, women’s groups, laborers, the elderly, political party members and many different ethnic groups.

People can also share their opinions, regarding the revision of Thailand’s 2017 constitution, through the committee’s website, facebook page, via the LINE application, and email. Visit for more information.