Thailand’s fruit exports sector business matching after COVID-19 impacts


BANGKOK – The global epidemic of COVID-19 has affected Thailand’s fruit exports sector, as trading partners have reduced their orders. To mitigate this negative impact and find markets for the upcoming harvest season, the Ministry of Commerce has invited foreign importers, agents, and global e-commerce platforms to place direct orders with Thai exporters at a business matching event.

At the event, two orders were placed between Thai exporters, and purchasers from Singapore and Hong Kong, for some 10,000 tons of fresh fruit such as durian, pomelo, longan, zalacca, lime, and dried fruit; as well as fresh vegetables such as asparagus, roselle, baby corn, and chilli. These two orders are worth approximately 19.4 billion baht in total.

In addition, some 70 Thai fruit and vegetable exporters presented their products to 45 buyers and agents from 13 countries, including Japan, India, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Denmark, United States, Russia, Spain, and France; as well as 13 e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba’s T-Mall Global from China, from India, from Cambodia, and Amazon Singapore.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Jurin Laksanawisit said today the event is expected to generate 400 million baht in trade value immediately, followed by another 1.5 billion baht from orders placed. International buyers have also been given a tour of fruit gardens and processing factories to show Thailand’s readiness to become a leading farm products exporter with good product quality.

The Ministry of Commerce will be focusing more on online retailing to boost Thai fruit exports this year, and will rely more on domestic purchases by linking sellers with larger markets and shopping centers, as well as negotiating with airlines to provide extra allowance for passengers to carry fruit onboard, which will help promote domestic consumption.


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