Thailand’s First Medical Marijuana Clinic Opened


NONTHABURI, Jan 6  – Over 360 patients have registered with Thailand’s first medical marijuana clinic specializing in four traditional cannabis-based medicines.


Deputy Prime Minster and Public Health Minister AnutinCharnvirakul opened the clinic which is situated at the Ministry of Public Health in Nonthaburi province on Monday.

It is the first full-time clinic that offers treatment free of charge for the first two weeks as a pilot clinic.  Over 360 people registered for the service on a new online application.  Dozens more walked in to receive the service offering four types of drugs.

Anutin said the medicines contained different combinations of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to treat migraine, insomnia, neck pain and muscle stiffness.

The clinic was part of the government policy to develop medicinal cannabis industry, the Minister said.

Cannabis-based formulas have long been used in Thailand for centuries.  These traditional medicines have been promoted after the country legalized marijuana for medical use and research in 2017.

According to the Public Health Minister’s plan, at least 77 clinics will be opened in each of the 77 provinces.