Thailand’s face mask manufacturers boost production to 2.2 million a day


BANGKOK – All 11 face mask manufacturers are working to maximize production in a bid to reach the target of 2.2 million in total pieces per day to meet high demand in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Whichai Phochanakij, director-general of the Internal Trade Department said currently, they can produce 1.7 million pieces per day.

900,000 face masks are allocated to the Public Health Ministry although the ministry requests one million pieces per day.

The rest of the face masks are distributed to risk groups, Blue Flag stores and retailers on the condition that they must limit sales to four pieces per person at a price of 2.50 baht apiece.

Officials are stationed at all 11 factories to ensure allocation from manufacturers to the destinations and to safeguard domestic supplies.

All manufactures are expected to maximize productions to 2.2 million masks per day.

The raw material to make the face masks is in short supply. However, he said it is good news that factories, producing raw materials for face masks for export in China started to resume operations.  (TNA)