Thailand’s alcohol sales resume in ‘Takeout’ manner


BANGKOK – The government allows the sales of alcoholic drinks resume on May 3 in a takeout manner only while consumers must drink in private places and observe social distancing, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said.

After the Royal Gazette published the regulation on restricted alcoholic drink sales, the deputy prime minister told the Thai News Agency that alcoholic drinks were not banned like illicit drugs but what mattered were the places of sales and consumption.

“The government is concerned about social distancing and the possibility of people gathering close to one another in a drinking party. Without a gathering and close contact, it will not be illegal. Therefore, alcoholic shops can operate but buyers must not drink at shops or in public places,” Mr Wissanu said.


The new regulation for sales of alcoholic drinks sets the resumption on May 3 and permits the reopening of the restaurants and beverage shops where alcoholic drinks are available. It bans alcoholic consumption at the premises. The reopened businesses must be subject to disease control measures.

Pubs and entertainment venues remain closed. (TNA)