Thailand-U.S. concluded CARAT 2013 joint Navy drill


NAKHON NAYOK – 11 June 2013, Thai and American Navy forces have concluded their joint Navy drill, CARAT 2013. 

The operation had been conducted at Yothaka Navy Agriculture Center in Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province, with aims to strengthen the relationships between the two nations, improve strategies & instruction distribution, enhance counter terrorism measures, and mitigate natural disasters.

Drills included combat simulation between the red team, performed by the U.S. Navy forces assuming the role of narcotics smuggling rings, and the blue, comprised of Thai Navy marines played as the government forces.

During the drill, Thailand’s Navy have shown its efficiency in devising strategies, establishing special task unit and deploying boats, armored jets and drones to seize the opponent areas.

As the result, Thailand’s team was able to fulfill its mission in a few minutes, with only one injury.

CARAT drill is deemed the most complicated Navy drilling exercise Thailand has ever participated.